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[9.0] Can not upload images from computer to website

- 12/09/2015 03:06:43

It is really strange. We have 3 odoo servers both running with several sites from the same 3 cores.
2 cores are on one dedicated server, and 1 core of another dedicated server with same Ubuntu 14.04 etc settings like the first one.

On Server a we have now one site where images don't get uploaded. We already deinstalled all extensions beside website. Bit still the problem persists.

In Firebug, apache, and odoo log file is nothing which could lead to the cause of that problem.

We have reinstalled pillow and werkzeug multiple times right now but this makes no difference and we think it must be something n odoo itself as it is only one site on both servers which shows this problems and both sites are standard installs + website and nothing more.

You click on the image
The Repository is opening and offering to upload a new image with or without odoo compression. We had chosen both and the file folder for images on your desktop is opening and you can choose a file. When clicking open it start tuning endless and nothing is happening and nothing gets uploaded.

Are there some other hints of people who had also those problems before. We really would like to figure out why this is sometimes happening, but usually does not happen. We really don't understand why it is happening at all.

The problem is in all browsers we have tested.