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Re: Odoo Themes: v9

Rob North
- 12/08/2015 17:03:00
What does this mean for those who supported the Themes crowdfunding?

Rob North

On Tuesday, December 8, 2015 1:56 PM, Fabien Pinckaers <> wrote:


We just finished porting all our themes to Odoo 9. You can get them on:

In addition to porting these themes on version 9, we also did a lot of technical cleaning to make them technically perfect and more flexible. (thanks Quentin S, for the huge improvement.)

We continue our efforts to bring more themes to Odoo. The latest theme released is "Vehicule":

Note that every month, we offer a free theme to a random person who helped us promote Odoo themes (tweet with #odoothemes, see the top banner on


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