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Re: Missing ID on projects, tasks, opportunities, employees, etc.

- 12/03/2015 09:12:07

Hello Jean-Baptiste,

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the issue you mentioned is called missing sequences.  it is surely missing but it depends on scenario to scenario whether it is needed or not.  You can anyways add it with few lines of code.  How about you  start your odoo community contribution with writing such a module, you never know someone else like you also looking for it.

Parthiv Patel

On 3 Dec 2015 7:13 pm, "Jean-Baptiste Crouigneau" <> wrote:

I’m new in the community, so hello to everybody, and my apologizes if this subject had already been discussed (didn’t find this topic anywhere).

Odoo is a very good tool, but so far, there is one thing that I really miss : some formal ID on main objects like Projects, Tasks, Opportunities, Employees, etc.
By ID, I mean something like « PRJ0012 » (prefix should be configurable).

To me, this ID is much more important than a name. That is the reference that should be visible everywhere.

So, did I miss something and the feature is already there (where ?) ?
If not, would be a great enhancement to have this ID on all related forms and table, in first place.

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