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Missing ID on projects, tasks, opportunities, employees, etc.

Jean-Baptiste Crouigneau
- 12/03/2015 08:37:06

I’m new in the community, so hello to everybody, and my apologizes if this subject had already been discussed (didn’t find this topic anywhere).

Odoo is a very good tool, but so far, there is one thing that I really miss : some formal ID on main objects like Projects, Tasks, Opportunities, Employees, etc.
By ID, I mean something like « PRJ0012 » (prefix should be configurable).

To me, this ID is much more important than a name. That is the reference that should be visible everywhere.

So, did I miss something and the feature is already there (where ?) ?
If not, would be a great enhancement to have this ID on all related forms and table, in first place.

Best regards,
Jean-Baptiste Crouigneau

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