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Re: Uber for Housewifes :: Odoo-Backed

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 12/02/2015 23:53:04
Hello Gunnar,

What an astonishing coincidence!

Yes, please have a look at the Valentina project, we just are about getting the latest version straight. It is a quite useful and open source tool for pattern parametrisation.

The integration into Odoo aims at custom size, local sourced garment backed up by a central backend service facility (offering services such as warehousing and pattern cutting). However, as a boutique manufacturer you would be able to fit in perfectly if you can certify tbd ethical standards:

You would be able to complete custom sized one-lot fabrication requests hosted by designers and triggered by direct client orders around the world in an efficient manner.

Although not directly targeted at integrated manufacturers (as lacking the right profile for
distributed massification) atm we might include this use case in the future.

Best, David

Gunnar Wagner <> schrieb am Do., 3. Dez. 2015 um 05:28:
Salud David,

2 things: I am not a developer whatsoever and I don't precisely understand what you are trying to do apart from combining some patternmaking software (probably this one with Odoo.

anyway, as this is the exact industry I am working in (we are a boutique manufacturer of high end Designer Garments, located in Shanghai) this rings a big bell here.
We develop Prototypes for our customers in huge variety and so I would love to know more about what you are exactly doing and I would love to check it out.
If you want I guess we can be a good testing facility ...

For starters I'll checkout the Valentina Project, which I didn't know of till today

best ...Gunnar

On 12/3/2015 11:07 AM, David Arnold wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
Hi Folks, Greetings from the Media Lab Prado in Madrid where great things usually happen, such as reportedly the first RepRap back in 2009 in the Lab's own FabLab. This is a call for Volunteer Front End Developer. What? Forging Garment Making Processes backed by Valentina Project's Pattern Making Solution and Odoo's ERP powers into a beautiful front end app that helps sewers to fulfill the customer end-to-end process and designers to handle and collect royalties on their garment pattern designs. Why? Local, highly automatised, distributed, custom garment making can reduce: - demand for child labour - create local cash flows - dis-intermediate consolidated market power When? Now till 18th of December. We aim at getting a Minimum Viable Product going by then. Backend models are already largely defined, what we aim at is porting a common bootstrap angular-material backend theme to use the odoo api and serve as the user (sewer, designer) backend log-in area, where it would reflect some basic end-to-end processes. What has been achieved is the first step to revolutionise the garment market: an open source / open standard pattern making software. ( Please let me know, if you're interested and please annex, if possible, a reference of your work. On behalf of the Valentina Project, Welcome and Best Regards, David Arnold

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