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Re: Uber for Housewifes :: Odoo-Backed

gunnar wagner
- 12/02/2015 23:22:57
Salud David,

2 things: I am not a developer whatsoever and I don't precisely understand what you are trying to do apart from combining some patternmaking software (probably this one with Odoo.

anyway, as this is the exact industry I am working in (we are a boutique manufacturer of high end Designer Garments, located in Shanghai) this rings a big bell here.
We develop Prototypes for our customers in huge variety and so I would love to know more about what you are exactly doing and I would love to check it out.
If you want I guess we can be a good testing facility ...

For starters I'll checkout the Valentina Project, which I didn't know of till today

best ...Gunnar

On 12/3/2015 11:07 AM, David Arnold wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
Hi Folks, Greetings from the Media Lab Prado in Madrid where great things usually happen, such as reportedly the first RepRap back in 2009 in the Lab's own FabLab. This is a call for Volunteer Front End Developer. What? Forging Garment Making Processes backed by Valentina Project's Pattern Making Solution and Odoo's ERP powers into a beautiful front end app that helps sewers to fulfill the customer end-to-end process and designers to handle and collect royalties on their garment pattern designs. Why? Local, highly automatised, distributed, custom garment making can reduce: - demand for child labour - create local cash flows - dis-intermediate consolidated market power When? Now till 18th of December. We aim at getting a Minimum Viable Product going by then. Backend models are already largely defined, what we aim at is porting a common bootstrap angular-material backend theme to use the odoo api and serve as the user (sewer, designer) backend log-in area, where it would reflect some basic end-to-end processes. What has been achieved is the first step to revolutionise the garment market: an open source / open standard pattern making software. ( Please let me know, if you're interested and please annex, if possible, a reference of your work. On behalf of the Valentina Project, Welcome and Best Regards, David Arnold

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