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Re: database cleanup

Nhomar Hernandez
- 12/02/2015 08:34:05

There is not an easy way with one click but depending which transactions there is pretty easy to achieve a list of tables affected and clear them with an SQL.

At least the ones you mentioned:

Remember reset also the sequences.

But there is an opportunity there when we began with Odoo we look for such module but we never did it :-(

On Wednesday, 2 December 2015, Franco Ordoñez <> wrote:

Is there some way or some module to do a database movement transactions cleanup, I mean i have configured odoo in test environment , created customers, products, have done all configuration everything is tested and successfull. to rollout to production i would like to have some option to delete invoices, whs transactions, account transactions but not delete customers, products, configuration, etc.

Hola comunidad
Existe alguna manera o algun modulo el cual nos permita hacer un borrado de las transacciones de una base de datos, Ejemple he creado una base de datos de test y ahi creamos clientes, productos, configuramos y todo esta ok, ahora para pasar a produccion nos gustaria una opcion que elimine movimientos o transacciones como facturas, movimientos de bodega, contabilidad, etc. pero sin que borre los clientes, productos ni las configuraciones.

Muchas Gracias

- Franco Ordonez

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