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Re: Seeking: Votes to have Odoo setup as a one click App on Digital Ocean

Andi Becker
- 12/02/2015 07:41:53

I would not see it so critically that reputation gets hurt as long as things get made properly like I had described this morning.

The one click Bitnami installation is crab for users. Sorry to say this.

What are the major problems.

1. You can install odoo already with one click - i.e. on ubuntu/debian/bitnami etc ... but all thos installations leave the user afterwards alone with huge problems for very simple things.

2. Odoo has a build in website builder and you can even install with one click a contact form BUT and that is a B U T - it is complete nonesense and unusable if you haven't a mailserver up and running and at least one email setup which will send the people writing into that contact for also to the outside.
As everyone knows the contact form is actually no contact form but a Lead creation form (which would be a much better name to stop confusion. All people writing in that form will actually stay inside the odoo system and nothing gets send i.e. to an administrator of the site by (configurable) default. This is crab.
Which means a user which has now a nice website up and running needs to first dig in how to setup a smtp server or even how to get the data for the smtp server he might be using for sending mails. By default odoo comes with localhost as smtp server which works great as long as you have something like postfix configured up and running. 
Ok now you could recommend people to setup virtualmin - as this application is installing lots of stuff which could be used also for odoo pretty good configured and easily to manage with one single install script. 
Ok than they have psotfix up and running but can't do mailings as they get probably marked as spam by most mailservices. So you would need to install DKim and more to get this running. ClamAV and Spamassasign already comes configured with virtualmin.
Unfortunately Virtualmin comes with Apache 2.4 and no native phyton support . Postgres is supported. So you would need to setup a Proxy server in Virtualmin which than handles the Port maskin so that users would call their odoo website with a normal webaddress. This is what users actually want if they hear - One Click Install.

I suggest that you will have a look to Yanniks Clouder Project as this project is actually trying to manage all this so that you will be able to run afterwards a Odoo site with only one click and this site will be preconfigured and comunication to the world after that one click. Beside this lots of other applications i.e. TYPO3 Wordpress Processwire LocomotiveCMS etc could be prepared the same way that also those would be installable and fully working with only one click.

In other words a Hotel would not need to have a look for a development agency but instead could use and ORCA Package (coming soon) to get their complete business solution up and running. Afterwards they would only need to add i.e. a nice template for the frontend and they would be all set. Those prepared Packages would get fired up by Clouder on their server actually. This is what I think is a One Click solution for customers who don't want to wait until some developers and designers prepare something or never get finished. Instead we will focus on Training them to do it by themselves. Manage their business Processes, having a support Hotline to call 24/7 if they get stuck, offering them Training Courses in ICT Innovation Paradise etc p.p. - Especially startups are not looking for one click install stuff which lateron is a grave, dead end and costs a lot of time and money. They simply want to start here and now.

This is IMHO also the future market for Odoo and its derivates and all kind of individual packages. 

You are running a hotel - ok well we have it - install it - get training - get your business up and running and fully managed and best of all YOU will know what the system is doing and how you can manage with it your staff and customers and much more.

You are running a restaurant - well we have it - Click and start joining the restaurant comnmunity

Ah Ok you are a doctors station and want to manage your medical records, patients and more, - we will have it and you can start right the way - simply forget about learning first how to use Tryton or the Odoo Enterprise custom stuff - join the community of doctors which already manage it.

etc p.p.

Building such solutions is IMHO the future of Odoo Community Edition and it will be soon as self runner as people will really like, that the Community Edition is still 100% Open source, That all Packages will come with no phone home, with no branding and can be used immediately with your own branding and better integrate a voip or bigbluebutton connector for communicating with customers who like to communicate with you and who don't have a problem that you will ask them in person for their private data, in comparison to the secret sending of data from standard Odoo sites to Odoo S,a etc

If you have a look to the OCA branches you will find actually tons of those packages already nearly ready to use and to be installed instantly. They only would need minor adjustments i.e. branding / phoning home.

This really would make Odoo or whatever you will call those packages a solution which will be liked by lots of companies which perhaps otherwise would not even start thinking about using Odoo. It would bring people who like the IKEA style - even with their Applications. Actually Odoo is already lots of IKEA Style but the setup process is not - unfortunately.

IKEA stores are booming al around the world so here in Phuket and for sure Odoo will boom the same with that style!

Just my 2 cents


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On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 4:48 PM, Hesham ELMAHDY <> wrote:
one-click things may give the impression that Odoo does not require any real knowledge to run. Such impression will hurt the user and the Odoo reputation would get affected.

On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 12:38 PM André P. <> wrote:
While I appreciate the advantages in the increased awareness, I'm not sure these one-click apps aren't a disservice to users, since while they make installing the app a lot easier, they then offer no easy way to perform basic maintenance (upgrading, database backups, etc), you have to do it all through SSH.

I fear a lot of users might trust their core business information into such a system, then the machine fails or they get hacked, and Odoo becomes a burned brand for them.

2015-12-01 23:46 GMT+00:00 Ray Carnes <>:

Background: Digital Ocean is now the second or third largest (depending on your source) hosting provider in the world.


My request: I’d like anyone who’d like to see Odoo 9.0 Community Edition available as a “one click” app that can be easily installed/evaluated/used when customers setup Cloud Servers/Virtual Private Servers, to VOTE for it, using the link below.


How: Vote at:


Why should you consider doing this?  Increase awareness and installs of the Community Edition; increase the Community base that could be working with and knowing about Odoo (their Community tutorials are visited by over 2,000,000 users a month – and there is an opportunity to get paid to write tutorials for them when Odoo is available as a one click app)


A full list of Apps is at


(This is the only way One Click Apps are made available. Vendors don’t do it. People vote and Digital Ocean does it themselves).


Thanks for reading.


Ray Carnes


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