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Seeking: Votes to have Odoo setup as a one click App on Digital Ocean

Ray Carnes
- 12/01/2015 18:44:36

Background: Digital Ocean is now the second or third largest (depending on your source) hosting provider in the world.


My request: I’d like anyone who’d like to see Odoo 9.0 Community Edition available as a “one click” app that can be easily installed/evaluated/used when customers setup Cloud Servers/Virtual Private Servers, to VOTE for it, using the link below.


How: Vote at:


Why should you consider doing this?  Increase awareness and installs of the Community Edition; increase the Community base that could be working with and knowing about Odoo (their Community tutorials are visited by over 2,000,000 users a month – and there is an opportunity to get paid to write tutorials for them when Odoo is available as a one click app)


A full list of Apps is at


(This is the only way One Click Apps are made available. Vendors don’t do it. People vote and Digital Ocean does it themselves).


Thanks for reading.


Ray Carnes