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[9.0] Website builder - contact form not sending

- 12/01/2015 01:29:59
Hi we have another problem with eMail sending from the contact form.

We created mailserver and Odoo says everything is set up correct

When we enter a message in the contact form odoo says it has send the message but no messages arrived until now. We modified also the timeframe of sending mails from one hour to one minute.

> Automation
>> Scheduled

When we send an email from the backend to another email address sending the mail is working

> E-Mail 
>> E-Mails
>>> Create

We have tried to take out the alias domain as mentioned and this solved on one site an error message (red) in the frontend and now the green box that the mail had been send appears but still no mail arrives.

When sending mails like usual from a normal email account to the outgoing mailserver there is no problem at all. It is receiving the mails.

Any Ideas how to resolve this email sending issue are appreciated