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Re: Error during installation of partner_firstname module

Stefan Rijnhart
- 11/30/2015 23:43:44
On 30-11-15 17:17, Ogi Vranesic wrote:
> we are using odoo version 9.0 and download of module is max. for 8.0
> series, so maybe that cause a problem during installing with the
> following part of error message:

Hi Ogi,

Like Eric said, in general it is a good idea to submit an issue on the
Github project that hosts the module, but in this case you answered your
own question: if you install modules in another major release of Odoo
than what they were made for, you typically get errors such as the one
you got. I can confirm the problem in this particular case: the contact
form in 9.0 has changed such that this module needs to be adapted.


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