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Error during installation of partner_firstname module

by Ogi Vranesic <> - 11/30/2015 11:15:33

we tried to install a module partner_firstname in order to have separate firstname and lastname by contacts.
we are using odoo version 9.0 and download of module is max. for 8.0 series, so maybe that cause a problem during installing with the following part of error message:
ParseError: "Invalid view definition

Error details:
Element '<xpath expr="//field[@name='child_ids']/form                          //field[@name='category_id']">' cannot be located in parent view

Error context:
View `Add firstname and surnames`
[view_id: 406, xml_id: k. A., model: res.partner, parent_id: 123]
None" while parsing /home/ogi/projects/yoga/yoga/yoga_addons/partner_firstname/views/res_partner.xml:32, near
<record id="view_partner_form_firstname" model="ir.ui.view">

Any hint will be very appreciated and thanks in advance for a reply