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Re: Get Invoice of an account voucher

Maik Steinfeld
- 11/29/2015 15:42:13
Account.voucher is generated from payment. Move line for payment is linked in account.voucher line. This move line should habe reconcile_ID or partial_reconcile_id. In system there is another move line with same reconcile_ID. This is the move which is linked in invoice.

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Von: Omar Ouhari <>
Gesendet: 29.11.2015 9:38 nachm.
An: Community
Betreff: Get Invoice of an account voucher


I have a list of an account voucher (ids) and I want to get for every couhcer the invoice which generate it.
I couldn't find the invoice id in the account voucher object.
Is there any idea to get the invoice id from account voucher object ?


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