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Re: Odoo multi-website improvements debate

Antonio Antiun
- 11/27/2015 05:09:46
Hi Andreas,

At Antiun we are not tired for waiting to Odoo yet. We think that listening all actors is important, even vendor. Odoo is innovating all the time, at v7 we had ir.ui.view model but we didn't developt website (based in ir.ui.view model too), Odoo did it in v8. We know that Odoo doesn't developt to last mile, that's why other companies (like Antiun) exist. And we meet at OCA to developt together to fit this last mile for customers.

Website in v8 is far away last mile but v9 improve it. We are working to improve in v8 (most our customer are in v8), but we don't want a big headache when migrating to v9 and v10. We want to enjoy (almost free) Odoo  innovation in futuro and the key is to be very close to Odoo code and don't do any incompatible addon, respecting Odoo rules and respecting OCA rules. Often this implies to think twice before start coding, ask to OCA PSCs, ask to Odoo devs, but in long-term It worths.

We are not going to fork website addon and reimplement it, we want to achieve our goals using official Odoo website addon. We think we can, because we did in the past.
Odoo rules its own destiny, OCA does and Antiun does. We are interesting in what we have in common, that's why we started this issue 
Odoo is participating and Antony Lesuisse is assigned and giving his opinion. We are talking in OCA too: in order to talk about what too do in v8, because Odoo will not accept any model change and It's not supporting odoo-extra/website_multi

I hope you join those conversation like you did in this one, at least to express your opinion. I take note of your four points to improve.

Thanks and regards,

De: "Andreas Becker"
Para: "community" <>
Enviados: Viernes, 27 de Noviembre 2015 3:06:58
Asunto: Re: Odoo multi-website improvements debate

I would suggest to fork the website module for OCA and do NOT wait until the moves of ODOO S.A. will be clear as so much other things inside that module needs improvement and it will be already clear that ODOO S.A. won't do that at all.
  1. In all snippets images get added an alt with ODOO S.A, credentials. This needs to be replaced by something automatic which reads out i.e. the image title so that the alt tag actually shows what the image is about.
  2. The footer has a hard coded link to Odoo S.A. - I guess no customer wants to have that on his site by default and it simply costs lots of time to remove it. Better would be to have a much better footer already available without links to anything.
  3. The images are nice but not as usable as rthey could be if they would be simply greyed places, which don't distruct the design of a site by default. Greyed placeholders for those images are universal and can be used in all settings. Right now you would to replace those images with images for the project if the customer does not have all images right now. - useless waste of time. Make the placeholders the default
  4. /page/ /blog/ /slides/ path elements etc. are not translated into other languages and actually harm SEO. Better would be to get rid of those. I would suggest to fork the website module for OCA and integrating the rewriting and seo stuff done by blooparksystems already.
A website module (100% replacement) maintained under the umbrella of OCA would fit the needs of all community developers and not only the needs of Odoo S.A. 

  1. No more waiting until Odoo S.A. lifts their secrets and roadmaps and license changes
  2. Fork the 8.0 Module and keep it AGPL would secure jobs for lots of people - instead make it compaitble so that an 8.0 AGPL will work also in 9.0 - there is not such a difference and majority of code would be AGPL
  3. Faster development based on the needs of the community and people which do real businesses and less so called "Partnerships"
  4. There are already great initiatives out there which only would need to get combined in one powerful website module - Antiun, BlooParkSystem etc

  1. Forking website module 8.0
  2. adjusting that module so that it will work also in 9.0 as AGPL Version
  3. cleaning all odoo S.a stuff out and replacing it by neutral (greyed) placeholders and demo texts without links to Odoo s.a.
  4. integrating the seo blog url stuff done by blooparksystems already - so that their won't be any /page/ /blog/ /slides/ etc path anymore which can't be translated
  5. enabling Domain records and redirects on every page - Those domain records could work later as entrance point for multidomain websites. Have a look to how domain records are working at TYPO3 CMS - we run a site with 400 churches all with their own domain like this. This could also be done in Odoo. As python has already nice path rewrites integrated the actual rewriting part should not be so difficult to achieve.
  6. checking that multidomain and seo features are working also in multilingual multidomain sites
IMHO an approach like MariaDB has taken when MySQL got bought is much better than always waiting, waiting, waiting and than standing in fornt of license changes and massively branded and home calling stuff by Odoo S.A,

I am pretty sure if somebody sould set up a comp[lete website module replacement module at OCA - 95% of people who have ideas and are willing to contribute would like to contribute there rather than sending their requests to Odoo S.A.