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Re: barecode erreur installing

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 11/27/2015 04:51:37
On 27/11/15 10:23, Stephane Wirtel wrote:
> you have an error in the documentation of this module. Not sure, because
> the error in function of the restructured text, so in this case, I think
> to the doc. but not sure about the right location.

Restructured text is used in the description of the module (guess as the 
title was about installing barcode).
The description of modules is standard should be safe but it happens 
when the translation is incorrect (guessed French as Omar used "erreur" 
in the title).
Indeed there was a few spaces at wrong places in the translation of the 
module that broke at rendering.

The translation has been fixed on Transifex and will be integrated into 
Odoo soon.

@Omar: I needed to do some luck guess, please describe your issue 
instead of just putting a traceback and hoping people will figure out.
Moreover reporting bugs on the mailing list is probably not the best place.



Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)