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Re: odoo login like Saas

- 11/25/2015 04:24:44
Thank you very much for the details Dominique :), very impressive.

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Le 24/11/2015 23:03, Dominique Chabord a écrit :
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2015-11-24 21:37 GMT+01:00 Yannick Buron <>:

> @Dominique
> By the way, I am very interested by more details about the story and
> technical side of the MOOC you're talking about. Are we talking about the
> F.U.N. MOOC?

yes, this one

We already reached 6000 students last week. Every student has its own
training database with an enterprise simulation on it.

There's little new on the technical side that you don't already know.
I made a complement to the web interface of my standard administration
script to allow students to register and get their credentials.
This complement is called moe, same bizarre technology you already
know ;-). I have the plan to integrate moe to goe (the web interface)
to deploy local moocs in classrooms. This functionality will so become
standard for Education Nationale in january, with some other

The aim for SISalp was to gain experience in hosting as big numbers as
the mooc provides. My objective was to support a ramp up of 1000 new
databases/day or 300/hour without performance degradation and at a
(very) low cost. I don't have plans to reproduce for
enterprise/production with Odoo (but with a well known fork, still
medium term plans).

> Also I take the opportunity to publicly thank you for the precious advices
> you gave me about hosting when I started Clouder.

Thank you. Sharing is always of mutual interest.

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