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[8.0] Compatible Label Printers/Compatible Receipt Printers

Luke Branch
- 11/24/2015 22:53:40
Hi Community,

I'm interested in purchasing some compatible label printers to allow for barcode printing, and general purpose label printing in Odoo 8.0.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what they have used, or is anyone aware of any list of compatible printers for Odoo 8.0?

I would be interested in using this for printing using:

Aeroo Direct Print:

Basically I need the label printer for printing address receipts, as well as multi-purpose barcodes (eg. warehouse/logistics, product barcodes, etc.), and receipt printer mainly for POS receipt functionality.

I've read that there are some drivers out there for Zebra printers (useful for me as i'm based in Hong Kong), as well as some Epson printers (TM-T20, TM-T88), and Star Printers (TSP650II).

Any advice anyone can provide on this, especially in the context of label printers would be very much appreciated.