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Re: odoo login like Saas

- 11/24/2015 04:28:39
Hi Franco,

You should also have a look at what I am working on / The project is using Odoo to manage docker nodes in order to provide SaaS offers on any application you want to host (of course, including Odoo).

An important refactoring is currently on the way to manage multi-application packages, remove ssh in the containers, improve the Odoo template to be ready for high availability production environment, and base the whole thing on top of the c2c connector in order to manage asynchronous calls. Everything is visible on the 'next' branch.

There starting to be several projects around Odoo hosting and I'm afraid we don't communicate enough between each other. Personally I really need to take some time to contact them and see if we have some chances to converge the projects.

Best regards,

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Le 24/11/2015 09:42, Luke Branch a écrit :
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Hi Franco,

I believe this community-driven project aims to handle hosting Odoo SaaS:

There are a few other projects like this, some specialising in general purpose SaaS, and hosting orchestration, and some focused on hosting Odoo as SaaS.

The above project is still under heavy development from what I can see, however it looks like it will handle what you need it for.

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On 24 Nov 2015, at 11:27 AM, Franco Ordoñez <> wrote:

Hi Community

We want to create a login like odoo Saas, i mean first ther user log in and then  in new page the user can choose the database (only databases which he has access)... is the branch saas on github for that? or do we have to develop from scratch.

Hola Comunidad
Trato de crear una pagina de login de odoo como saas, quiero decir primero el usuario inicia sesion y de ahi puede escoger sus bases de datos. Es esto posible? en github hay un branch saas, en ese se puede encontrar algo asi? o hay q desarrollar desde cero.

THanks very much

- Franco Ordonez

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