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Re: [Odoo Apps Store] Material Backend Theme v9 / Two-day discount!

8cells Team
- 11/23/2015 08:19:41
The theme is explained here
at least a bit.

We publish a demo that allows you to check what offers theme.
We provide support. If you find a bug, we will fix it for you. If you want change colors, some small, custom modification - we also will do it for you. Problem with installation? We will happy to help you.

But what is the differences beside the color. the cards which can be achieved with a bit custom css.
What is the new functionality which will bring it more to Enterprise Level?

Really, don`t you see the differences besides the color? (take a look at the forms, tables, menu, kanban...)
It looks like you trolling :)

This would be interesting to know if we have to propose this Theme to our customers. They usually like actually darker blue or even grey colors and usually try to avoid such neon colors as many of our customers have to work with it long times on the screen.
3. Use blue in order to cultivate user’s trust.
There is no problem with the change of color.
It takes 10 seconds, and as wrote Torvald, is a matter of taste.

Is the Theme 100% Mobile responsive? Is it resizing properly in all modules? This would make it something special as the current V9 Backend has still problems with that.

Not completely (you can tested it in demo site), but full responsiveness will be added in free updates.