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[website] Rewriting url /page/page-name to url / page-name

- 11/23/2015 00:33:01

is it possible to rewrite the URL of pages build by the odoo 9 website builder

New pages get url /page/page-name but page is always and stays always page (in English which isn't useful at all.)

What would be the best way to achieve seo friendly urls like 

url /page-name/subpage-name/ ....
  1. i.e. can odoo do it by itself without that /page/ path element, can /page/page-name be mapped to /page-name without the need to define a web controller which renders that page like this.


  2. i.e. has someone experience with using mod_rewrite for Apache2.4. to achieve this kind of urls if Odoo it self can't manage it. 
or isn't that possible at all with Odoo. 

Thanks Cori