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- 11/20/2015 03:27:59
Since there is already some form of suggestion/complaints here, I would like to add a couple of things that I think is constructive feedback.

IMO this app store appears to be Odoo jumping on the band wagon from what others have done to develop a trusted marketplace to get additions to Odoo. Great step. Some of the modules are not really apps, but minor adjustments to the application, not really fitting or deserving to be called an "App", what is truly the definition of App here?

Some, or a lot of the modules are for such outdated versions, that almost nobody would find them useful. I agree 100% it is nice to be able to access code from older versions, however generally, as I stated, they wont really be useful for the target audience of the App store, they would be more for someone who is a developer probably and knows what they are doing with the code. Having these, such outdated, and likely buggy modules can hurt the reputation of the "Store".

IMO Odoo needs desparately quality, and dependability, and this would be a place to start

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The apps platform lacks of documentation: for most of apps - not beeing  for Odoo - there is little explanation of what the app actually do. This has to be inferred from the title and when we are lucky, a short line of explanation. There should be some policy on apps documentation to really make a difference.




De : Fabien Pinckaers []
Envoyé : mercredi 18 novembre 2015 22:17
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Objet : Odoo Apps


Dear community,

If you missed it, we launched the new Odoo apps platform a few days ago:

You can also browse the latest themes too:

Some of the features of the new apps platform: portal for apps vendor, statistics about modules / sellers, new design with a cover per module, ranking of contributors / sellers, ...

In the portal for apps vendors or contributors, you will have statistics, history of sales, button to redeem payment, ...



with statistics, tracking of sales, redeem payment automatically

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