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Camptocamp SA, Joël Grand-Guillaume
- 11/19/2015 02:11:14

We do need the license to be visible on the Apps store. Moreover Fabien, you promized to make a check regarding license and dependencies, that was the deal and I cannot see any of this here.

Otherwise, that's a good job, thanks for improving it, I really like the statistic page.



On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 7:42 AM, Caudal Eric <> wrote:
You are right but still this is not enough: license should be easy to find and and visible in the store.

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 12:02 PM Ray Carnes <> wrote:
The license is visible in most of the OCA modules, giving authors who wish to make license information clear a way to do so for now.

The license is always available in the manifest when apps are downloaded, and if the Apps Store is used from within Odoo, the manifest is used to populate the license directly on the App summary so it is visible before downloading and installing.


From: Andreas Becker
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+1 the license compatibility is very important also for our customers! They actually try to use as much AGPL Licensed Apps. It would be also very helpful if Apps which get newly build not automatically get licensed LGPL v.3. There should be still the possibility to use and develop apps under AGPL v.3 or even GPL v.3 - AGPL v.3 and GPL v.3 are compatible licenses.

Point 1:


The description part looks very nice and is inviting visitors - Thanks!
more than one developer can be listed i.e.
This is a great way to honor als the original developers and initiators of a certain module even it meanwhile had been changed (or not) but get's redistributed by another one.

Let's say not so good - needs improvements:

No license is visible - As this is a service provided to others please post also the links to all modules you are using and which have been released AGPL v.3 at least those - I would count it a great sign of trust for you and for the community, if you would post also all used LGP v.3 modules to continue what you wanted actually when you changed from GPL v.3 to AGPL v.3.

When you have chosen a module you can see also if it is available for another version too.

Your sorting functionality is OK but it would be good also to have a possibility to sort for developers of a module (authors/developers/companies) so that modules of developers you are using already are much easier to find, but at the same time it would be possible to see what alternatives would be available.

Very good is that you can search for parts of a name i.e. yel - and all modules get listed which are in the shop available already

IMHO all modules should link to their git repositories - sometimes a git repository is written down there but would need to get copy pasted. It would be more user-friendly and looking more professional when they would be directly linked.

This is also necessary to check modules before using or even proposing them to your customers for certain things:
i.e. included branding by default of each module - this would mean for a company who purchases it less or quite a lot work to replace this depending on how that has been done.

it is also necessary to check all modules for included phoning home functionality as we i.e. can't use such kind of functionality in any site build in Germany due to the new regulations without prior consent of the website owner - our customer - and he would actually act in a huge legal space which might causes problems for him. So our customers for sure want to know in advance if a module contains malicious code which enables phoning to somebody (incl. phoning to NSA and similar services and of course also things like phoning or collecting data by odoo s.a. or the company/developer who developed a certain module)

It would be advised and appreciated to mark modules which don't contain branded information which gets displayed in Backend or Frontend to the customer - as - unbranded - which means for developers no extra work to do. (branding inside the code itself can stay as is incl. copyrights of course!

Modules which don't contain phoning home or data collection functionality should be marked as - no phone home - no data collection - modules.

Due to the latest EU regulation which now come along with the safe harbor judgements last weeks customers really don't like to get into trouble because of such kind of functionality. And developers don't want to get in trouble because of this with their customers too.

When you go to a single product view i.e.

You have no more search functionality available at all. for a fast search this would be advised to have. i.e. include the search bare above or below the module part so developers can immediately search for the next module they have on their list.

Beside this it would be great to have all modules listed with more or less same (sometimes similar) functionality but with different developer names, prices so a developer can check out the differences.

As there was a discussion going on already multiple times of developers who rename and resell (which is legally possible actually as long as they keep the copyright notices) It would be advised to have on each module page 
  1. the repository listed and accessible with a click to check if the copyrights are still ok
  2. to check what functionality, feature, design, changes had been added or if it is a simple duplicate
  3. as you like to get reports directly I would suggest a CLAIM and/or REPORT Button on every module page which leads to a small form where the one who is reporting or claiming can describe his opinion and it then will get directed directly to you and in copies one each to the one who is reporting/claiming and of course to the one who offers the module.

Point 2:

Could you please explain a bit more about that "Redeeming" stuff. Does it mean that we have to apply to get our money - like on Odesk now Upworks etc. or what's ever and how long does it take until than a decision will be made and the money get transferred to the account of the developing company/developer.

Thanks for your hard work


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2015-11-18 23:37 GMT+01:00 Maxime Chambreuil <>:

not to mention that the new Apps platform should check for license compatibility between a module and its dependencies.

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