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Event date & time format, Website view showing both correct and incorrect timezone times, Odoo 9

andy graybeal
- 11/18/2015 14:42:04
I'm using Odoo 9 Community Edition
I'm in the EST timezone (UTC -5). The server is configured for EST 
timezone and my user account is set for EST timezone.

I've created an event for Tuesday, Dec 1, from 5pm until 8:30pm and the 
timezone of the event is set to America/New_York (EST).

When I'm logged out of the website and view an event I've created here:

The times are correct in the header even though I would like it to 
display the date and time format in _not_ military time, as 5:00pm until 

Scrolling down though at the "When" section - it looks like the event is 
from 10pm until 1:30am

How do I fix this?