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V9: Creating PO with Service and Stockable products

Panjarat Kitt
- 11/18/2015 12:00:18
Dear Community,

I have been testing out V9 (Community Edition) and learn that if I create a PO with two products, one is a service and another is a stockable, below is what happens

  • After confirming the PO,  an incoming shipment was created with both product lines
  • The service product can be received, which then creates a stock move record with the ordered quantity.
  • On Inventory Valuation report, the service product shows up with the received quantity, but valuation = 0

My question is, is this behaviour normal? Should the service product not appear on the shipment at all? Or a PO is not supposed to have mixing service and stockable product together?

Note: the instance has Purchased, Invoicing installed (not full Accounting and Finance app installed yet)

Thank you.