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V8 : Knowledge management with webdav reachable from Windows explorer

Van Hirtum Johan
- 11/18/2015 09:14:36

Hi experts,


We want to implement the knowledge management module in Odoo to manage and structure all our company documents. There are Odoo related files ( Sales / partners / HR ) but also CAD drawings and computer / machine manuals with would come in static directories. Those files are mostly opened and saved from standard Windows applications ( CAD program / Word / Excel /…. ). The Odoo documentation states that this can be done with the webdav or Ftp access. We can configure our server and in some Webdav clients we can access the files, but we do not find al solution to open the files in Windows explorer. Has anybody an idea how this can be achieved ?


Thanks in advance !!!


With kind regards,



Van Hirtum Johan