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Re: dbfilter question

by Olivier Dony <> - 11/17/2015 20:03:20
On 11/16/2015 08:21 PM, Gastón Pablo Pérez wrote:
> HI all:
> Im trying to do a little complex configuration on my server, so I have
> multiples odoo v8 databases and Im trying to access to each one by diferent
> url, I configured the dbfilter option in the config file like this:
> dbfilter = ^%d$
> So I can access directly to each database by the subdomain, I mean
> http://subdomain1.domain redirects me to the subdomain1 database
> http://subdomain2.domain redirects me to the subdomain2 database
> OK, works really good BUT.... I need a method or a way to access to odoo
> database manager and be able to see all the databases in the combos and have a
> method to access to one particular database that no has a subdomain configuration
> Is it posible?

In a production environment you should be very careful and prevent external 
access to the database manager, typically thanks to the dbfilter and possibly 
extra rewrite rules in your vhosts.

Why don't you simply start a second Odoo server on a different port on the same 
machine, with no dbfilter parameter? You could make it listen to an interface 
and port where only you can connect, which would increase the security of your 
setup, and/or configure another nginx virtual host for it if you need, e.g with 
password protection.