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Re: implementation questions MPR / purchase

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 11/17/2015 17:01:30


For purchase orders, since v9 (probably in v8 too?), new procurements are automatically merged in existing draft RfQs, depending on the supplier.

So, you should not need to merge RfQs (like in v7) as it's done automatically. If you are in MTO, you should check the procurement rule to define if you want to group by SO or group purchases from different SOs together (propagate procurement groups on the procurement rule or not).

If the RfQ is sent to the supplier or the purchase is confirmed, new orders are not merged into this one, but they rather create a new RfQ.


On Nov 17, 2015 5:18 PM, "Arjan Duijs" <> wrote:
I forgot to mention, we are using a odoo v9 out of the box.
So as for the merging POs, this seems to be different from v8, but no documentation on how

2015-11-17 9:36 GMT-05:00 Arjan Duijs <>:
Hi all,
I have some questions about the implementation of the manufactoring and the purchases modules .
Would like to know how you guy are dealing with certain situations and the implementation of that withing odoo.

Our current (non-odoo) process/situation is that a work order is generated when a sale is closed.
This work order contains ALL the items that need to be manufactored.
- Within odoo this generates a bunch of work orders, one for each type of item.

Since we can have a quite extensive list of various items for a customer/project 30-40 different workorders looks a bit overwhelming. (or is this normal?)

A similar situation with the purchases,
We dont dispatch purchase orders every day to providers but we like to collect a reasonable amount before ordering (for reduced transportation costs) or simply because we only place orders on a fixed day of the week.

So after a bunch of sales orders there can be quite some pending purchase orders (20+) for a single provider. 
Is there a way to combine them all to a single PO? 

like to know how you guys are handling these situations


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