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[Runbot] Configuration to create only instances of own project addons

- 11/17/2015 03:33:24

we set up the runbot and the odoo with runbot is running. The runbot can
fetch the repositories/branches and starts with building (it fails but
this is another issue which I'm currently fixing).

So now we just want to create instances for our own project addons. I
added the odoo repository and also our own repository which depends on
the odoo repository (added to Extra dependencies).

First question: Am I right with this configuration? Just adding the odoo
repository in Extra dependencies and it should work?

Second question: If I add the odoo repository then it starts with
building an instance for each pull request and branch but I don't need
them. Even if I set the mode to "Disabled" and then click "Update" all
branches and pull requests are shown on the site and they will be put
into the state "pending". Can I avoid this? Or do I have to fork the
odoo repository with only the branches 8.0 and 9.0 so that only two
instances will be created but then I can use them as the dependency?