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dbfilter question

Gaston Pablo
- 11/16/2015 13:45:13
HI all:

Im trying to do a little complex configuration on my server, so I have multiples odoo v8 databases and Im trying to access to each one by diferent url, I configured the dbfilter option in the config file like this:

dbfilter = ^%d$

So I can access directly to each database by the subdomain, I mean

http://subdomain1.domain redirects me to the subdomain1 database

http://subdomain2.domain redirects me to the subdomain2 database

OK, works really good BUT.... I need a method or a way to access to odoo database manager and be able to see all the databases in the combos and have a method to access to one particular database that no has a subdomain configuration

Is it posible?

thanks in advance

Lic. Gastón Pablo Perez