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Re: Odoo / Python 3

- 11/16/2015 07:57:02

On 16 Nov 2015, at 13:52, Houssine BAKKALI wrote:

> yeah as you said VC are more interrested about business strategies 
> than code :)
> a good developer is lazy by nature so he tries to avoid to reinvente 
> the wheel and to see where are the priorities ;)
> by the way, i'm not the one who will migrate the odoo code to py3. I 
> will do it for my customers modules if they are eager to pay for it 
> and try to contribute in a community effort... but the ball is in the 
> Odoo side.
the problem is your module, coded with python3 won’t works because you 
have to execute the server with python 3. and currently, it’s not the 

> from the begining I said that I doubt that this will be a priority for 
> Odoo... I think they will go with 2.7 as far that they can... and in a 
> certain point of view it makes sense... but I may be wrong ;)