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Re: Odoo / Python 3

- 11/16/2015 06:02:27

Only a word since Tryton has been mentionned here.
I can confirm there is no plan in Tryton to source code from Odoo.
Tryton aims different targets, certainly not to mimic Odoo. Python 3 is a must in Tryton commitment to standards.
It happened in the past that some authors of TinyERP modules joined Tryton community. They redeveloped  their work the Tryton way to migrate their customers. Most part of these modules were never integrated in core Tryton project. All examples given upward confirm this rule.
I don't think Odoo's strategy even takes in consideration Tryton which a small community in regard to Odoo objectives.
When Odoo improves some core functions in the same direction as Tryton did, I'm convinced it is just because it is the direction of history.

So no stress in that matter.