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Re: Article: Persons Who Changed The ERP World.

Olivier Lenoir
- 11/15/2015 15:52:22
Thanks for this article. I would add some important things about Fabien.
I met Fabien in 2010. My team was creating a call-centre using Asterisk-XIVO
and the CRM-Helpdesk module of OpenERP 5. This application was quite complex with
a lot of historical data (30 Gio) and multiple escalation mechanisms... in a large multicompany
context (37000 sub-companies) and the management of 1 million employees !

Fabien listened carefully to us and in version 6 all our requests and suggestions were taken into account! 

Cleverness, brillance, kindness, modesty : that's Fabien.


Le 13/11/2015 23:27, Ahmed Elsaka a écrit :
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Dear All,


I’ve written article  which is related to Odoo Community, You can read it to know Who is Fabian Pinckaers.

Your feedback is appreciated.


There are persons who has made a difference to the world in a positive way, In this article I have chosen person who has great positive effect  specially in ERPs area.


Before saying his name, let me write why I’ve chosen him,

I always respect persons who made something different, and my respect will be increased If I know YOUNG person who did that,


He said “My dream was to lead the enterprise management market with a fully open source software. (I also wanted to get 100 employees before 30 years old with a self-financed company but I failed this one by only a few months).


Oh, let me write last statement Again “I failed this one by only a few months”!!!

It’s mean that he has very cleared and planned dreams, I LIKE THIS ATTITUDE,


The question now is, DID HE CHANGE THE WORLD?

The answer is YES, he was the reason for existing new Job titles in the world market, My title is one of affected titles “ Odoo Functional Consultant” J


He is Fabien Pinckaers,


By the age of 13, Fabien Pinckaers developed and sold his first enterprise management software for "Les Taxis Verts"

and a few others companies. Soon after, at 18 years old he created his own company and hired his first three employees while still in the university.

He undergone his studies at EPL ­ UCL, Louvain­la­Neuve in Belgium, specializing in Computer Engineering.

Currently, he is the CEO of OpenERP s.a., company founded in 2002, with offices in Belgium, California and India.

Odoo, an open source business applications suite, has become the most popular and most installed enterprise management software with more than 1.000 downloads/week,

Which has partner network is active in 100 countries.

The “New Bill Gates is Belgian”, as called by the magazine Trends Tendances”, (16 June 09) has developed other significant projects like

Auction­in­, which is now the leader on the Belgian art market on the web and sells more objects then per month.

Moreover, he has been the founder and manager of the biggest European Linux store: OpenStuff.

To add, Fabien is also the founder of the LUG (Linux User Group) of Louvain­la­ Neuve, and other open source projects like OpenReport and Tiny Report.

Throughout the years, Fabien has been awarded several prizes that mirror his capabilities as a
skilled developer, as well as a business man. Some of the awards he has received Wired (1997 and
1999 ), Inscene (2000 ) and INSEAD Innogator Prize: Innogator of the year (2010), Also Fabien Pinckaers has been chosen as "Young Top Manager of the Year

He is author ofa few books, one of them has been a best-seller on


Finally he saidTo make things happen, I worked hard, very hard. I worked 13 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no vacations for 7 years. I lost friendships and broke up with my girlfriend in the process…etc”

For more details about Odoo Story, read this article.


I really happy that I know and work with Fabian J J


Ahmed Elsaka

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