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Re: Odoo 9 News

DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch
- 11/13/2015 23:34:25

On Sat, Nov 14, 2015 at 10:47 AM, Andreas Becker <> wrote:
Well Luke 

This is a call of discrimination and nothing else what you are doing here! But do what you want if you think it is the right way to help people by ignoring their request. Fortunately there are people here which know how to help others and which are willing to share there knowledge with others. And please don't talk in the name of all here!

Nobody is required to read or answer requests from anybody here, but to be honest the feedback I have got meanwhile showed me that it was the right direction even some thing it wasn't the right way to approach that direction. 

If you feel you are entitled to an answer and demand a response you will be ignored.

The truth is often not comfortable to hear I know, perhaps it is a matter of age and life experiences, who knows - Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) - Father and Son -

If you write things like this than also companies who search this list could make their picture about they might get treated with a request or questions people have which than from you get declared mailing-list-publicly as "ignored". I personally and we as company prefer to listen to the needs of our customers and try to solve them even we might get ignore by whoever, as we think it is a ok to speak out and to ask what needs to be clarified!

Use a proper mail program and you won't have those problems at all and won't need to declare people as "ignored".

By the way we won't ignore you even you are quite unfriendly with your request, Martin has answered the question we had at the beginning already and that's it. Why not answering it correctly at first place instead of writing things like: 

"For the documentation / translation, I guess it should be CC (if we forgot to set a license, it's public domain. Which is good too)"

Which even brings up  more confusion than it would help.

Come down and help if you want to succeed like we help others to!

The future is within us - so in you!

Have a nice weekend.


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