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Re: Odoo / Python 3

Andi Becker
- 11/13/2015 22:09:31
To all who discuss here about python3 and odoo / tryton

Why should it be bad for Odoo S.A. For sure one reason they went to use LGPL was also to avoid the code sharing which is sad actually. can't be integrated in their proprietary software if they would start building it. Does it make sense? No! In other words they could not benefit from all the work done already at Tryton, but they could if it won't be proprietary code or if their proprietary code would be getting GPL afterwards.

Both Systems could benefit like many other python based programs benefit from each other!


So no matter what it is the proprietary software would be getting GPL if it is statically linked. Only if it would be dynamically linked the proprietary code could stay proprietary.

(Sorry for that license theme again but it clears it up itself imho)


@houzzine and in addition to what zahid already said:
"About Tryton, just think about it. if Odoo goes py3, what will stop Trytoners from borrowing some code from Odoo. I saw sometime ago a tool (ETL like) to convert openerp DB to tryton. so why not."

Think better about borrowing ideas and code from Tryton which would be much easier when also Odoo would be python 3.

There is actually no time to "think about" to be honest as four years is absolute nothing! To avoid things like happened at TYPO3 where people waited to long, the community lost lots and lots of very qualified people to other systems i.e. Drupal which now getting more like TYPO3. It took the decision makers  5 years to realise that the way was not a good way and it took than 2 more years after a - i would say - a hidden group of idealists and people who really liked the former TYPO3 - started to develop what has been announced this week as TYPO3 7.6 LTS version which will completely change the market again and will bring back former businesses (at least some of them)

Have a look to the indiegogo platform, there are a couple of projects which could get involved into that effort and it would start a complete community driven area for Odoo too, like TYPO3 7.6 LTS will do for TYPO3. We already are discussing with our partners a concept how an NGO like approach could help here, but also this discussion takes time and needed to get started now. As it would take probably even more time when panik start after 2.7 gets no more supported or after Odoo is 3.0 but to much stuff is no more really accessible for all of the community for the same effort and price like right now!

Nevermind enjoy your weekend and keep up your good work.

By the way I like your idea luke - try to get the good ideas from Tryton to Odoo ;-) - if the fact that they are using python 3 is not a handicap to achieve that.