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Re: Invoice UBL 2.0

Lambda Networks AS, Levent Karakaş
- 11/13/2015 02:32:17
We have developed a solution for Turkish E-Invoices in UBL 2.1 (so called UBL-TR) format. It supports generating outgoing UBL invoices within Odoo and importing incoming e-invoices into Odoo in the background, doing XSD validation, HTML/PDF preparation with XLST transformation etc. It certainly won't fit directly to another UBL implementation without development. You can contact me for further information.

On the other hand, xpansa has a XML builder add-on which is more generic and capable of preparing UBL. You might want to contact them to check if that works for you.

2015-11-12 18:17 GMT+02:00 Gert de Wit <>:
Hello all,

One of our customers wants to generate sales invoices in UBL 2.0 format.

Please send an email when you have a solution.

Best regards

Gert de Wit

Erpologic BV

M: +31 (0)6 517 444 96

Industrieweg 82V
2651BD Berkel en Rodenrijs

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