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Re: Odoo 9 News (Why contribute? What do you 'get'?)

Nhomar Hernandez
- 11/12/2015 17:38:18

2015-11-12 16:57 GMT-05:00 Ahmed Elsaka <>:
@Nhomar, You are saying something which has the meaning "Contributing with Odoo Community", BUT you are doing another thing like Converting your  Odoo Free Apps ( like IFRS Module)  to Paid Apps,
My advice to you is what you said:Why contribute?, because of what you GOT already. >> 20 Millions on R6D for free availables + What community is doing (which can not be measured for now). :) :),

put odoo-ifrs on google, the price is only for the ones that do not like google a few words or simply leach the system thinking everything do not have anything paid.

We expend more than 150 hours last weeks bringing the coverage to over the 80% of that modules on testing financed by anybody, if ne comers need that and want "contribute" financially speaking the best way I think is the odoo apps platform.

We are preparing a blogpost with such model but it was not my idea there a few guys doing that, and I even bought ther modules 8even if I can dowload them for free.

Again, google a little and you will find your answers....


Saludos Cordiales

CEO at Vauxoo Odoo's Gold Partner.
Nhomar Hernandez