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Lambda Networks AS, Levent Karakaş
- 11/12/2015 04:36:13
Andreas, you are impatient and adventurous as a hobbit, but Ent's are very patient and won't move until they are convinced that their forest is being devastated. 

2015-11-12 9:47 GMT+02:00 Andreas Becker <>:
David it could be policy of them. I talked two days ago with a man who said that he was a former employee of them "that is policy of Odoo...they never update community on right time".

Odoo has a great potential and is no more Tiny as it was at the beginning. I see the main problem in the community itself as they seem to much addicted to the big boss principle. They are waiting for the move of the leader and when the leader says jump out of the window everyone of them will just jump behind them, even they are on 30th floor and have not seen that the leader has put on his parachute before ;-)

The community of Odoo is really big and different to other Communities it is mostly backed by companies and it is available nearly all around the world. So I really wonder why not simply take all that power and build up a solid roadmap like described to keep Odoo mostly AGPL v.3 on the one side - to simply avoid that all the community effort than can be taken by ODOO S.A. but on the other hand also invite ODOO S.A to join that roadmap and effort.

Right now we are actually always talking about that Big thing with many modules, but what about kicking most of them out and starting with the core and rewrite that core under AGPL v.3 Python 3 making it pypy compatible and than let the community contribute their modules under an AGPL v.3 License to that new core.

It would give all developers working right now with Odoo much more security, than the invisible but sensible future of ODOO like it is right now.

Why waiting until big boss comes and asks again the community to contribute to his LGPL stuff which than probably gets integrated in Proprietary Software where nobody of us will have access again?

It is actually the Community worldwide which makes ODOO so big and important on the CRM market. I am not involved in their ready programs etc so I can still say what I think would be the best. Why does OCA not setup their own Ready Partner etc Programs. I am sure the people and companies would like to contribute to that rather to ODOO S.A. after all those License Changes and a not very clear future.


Some questions concerning the conversion to Python 3.

How many man/hours would be needed to get only the core converted incl. the website builder and contact-management?

I say this as those are some core features we could create quite fast income as community. And it is something people would see online, which would give the OCA a great marketing potential?

Than setting up a roadmap to integrate all other features step by step.

Converting the ODOO 8 AGPL Code to ODO??? or whatever ODOO9compatible code (features and functionality) but complete rewritten in Python 3 and released under AGPL v.3 would give the OCA great power to maifest their positions and ideas in the discussions on future developments with ODOO S.A.

I am sure as long as the Community does not move and is still "fine" with their Python 2.7 codes, nothing will happen at all to change to Python 3.4

But if the community would now take Version8 which is AGPL and concert that like described to AGPL-Version9 on Python 3.4 this could be really powerful.

Finally simply introduce like Ubuntu a release cycle twice a year to fixed dates and than the AGPL ODOO 10 version (or whatever name we would need to use than if ODOO S.A. would not back that AGPL effort) of course without any phone home and branding problems would be THE ERP solution people worldwide will use - I am pretty sure in that.

We only would need to ensure the compatibility with most modules as long as not all modules have been converted to an AGPL Version based on a complete Python 3.4 rewrite. IMHO it is the big chance to be able to stand as OCA Community on their own feed.

Is their a way to run python 2.7 modules in a compatibility mode with an AGPL ODOO Python 3 version.

With kind regards,
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On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 1:22 PM, David Arnold <> wrote:

Also, and backed up by efficiency and speed argument, should be annexed to this discussion the quest for making Odoo pypy compatible. There has been attempts or at least good intentions recorded from Odoo and Community, but it does not seem a prio in the moment.

I personally feel, the responsiveness still is deficient in some terms in order to claim state of the art (and what customers expect or will expect in the near future).

Mohamed Magdy <> schrieb am Mi., 11. Nov. 2015 um 18:57:
Hi Zahid,

For 50 minutes, I did some search and followed this page to convert the code to be compatible with python3.4 and here is my story:

  • I downloaded the most updated version of Odoo from Github.
  • A new 'virtualenv' was created and contained only python3.4'.
  • The command 'pip3.4 install -r requirements' told me many times that the packages in the file are not founded, so I tried to find it manually. 
    • the package 'pydot' should be 'pydot2'.
    • the package 'python-ldap' should be 'python3-ldap'.
    • the package 'jcconv' is not found at all.
  • I ran the package '2to3' to automate the conversion process with no luck.==> this package can be installed on fedora "sudo yum install python-tools".

  • Converting Odoo to work with python3 is not easy at all as you need to convert all missing dependencies to python3 as a first step. OR we should wait for the python community to fix this.
  • Then, we will go for converting Odoo code to fit python3.
  • The main problem with python3 is you can not depend on it to build a sensitive app like Odoo.
The horrible question is: "ARE WE STUCK WITH PYTHON 2.7?"

You may want to see this project and its website where you can find a link for a demo. The good point in this project is that it is using Django that using the most updated version of python per each release.

Thank you :)

Best Regards,

Mohamed Magdy
Odoo Technical Team Leader

On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 12:36 AM, Mohamed Magdy <> wrote:
Hi Zahid,

I am very keen to hear from Odoo SA too. I had the same question as yours and I could not find a good answer for their situation to use Python 2.7 instead of Python 3.x.

I think I will invest more time to find an answer.

Best Regards,

Mohamed Magdy
Odoo Technical Team Leader
On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 1:42 PM, zahid jalal <> wrote:
Hi community
I hope someone from Odoo SA is reading this. So we can get some answers. or at least their official opinion about the topic.
Python 3 is here since 2008. but Odoo is still in the old 2.7. All major libs on wich Odoo depends are in v3. And major linux dists have python 3 as default, this taken alone will ease Odoo deployement tasks.
So is there any roadmap to migrate to python 3 for Odoo 10 ? how Community can contribute ?



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