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Re: Odoo / Python 3

Andi Becker
- 11/12/2015 00:27:49

On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 6:57 AM, Mohamed Magdy <> wrote:
OR we should wait for the python community to fix this.

This is exactly what perhaps ODOO S.A. is waiting for. ;-) Let the community do that job. But for what price? Why not combine the effort and take Version 8 which is AGPL - convert Version 8 under AGPL to Version 9 AGPL but based on Python 3 and release the (actual) Version 9 LGPL compatible Version as VERSION 10 under AGPL! 

So it can be avoided that all the work effort which might get into this conversion will be gone finally to be used in Proprietary Software no one of us will have access again.

The conversion is mainly a man/hour work which means when you have a lot of man power this could be accomplished quite fast. 

Most of that work is doing the same replacement over and over again perhaps. So why not coordinate with projects where they have the man/woman power but perhaps are in need to get some work to be done. There are a lot NGO projects which probably would help to get things done fast. And let the code review be done by a team of OCA which than will ensure that the code will be AGPL v.3 and correct. It would be great if ODOO.S.A. could sponsor such an effort as both would benefit out of it.

ODOO would be moved to Python 3 and beside this also major problems since years could be targeted to rewrite parts completely with those new features of Python 3 so that ODOO is using less memory and has much more speed than right now even you have slow internet connectivity.

Perhaps even GOOGLE would help and sponsor such an effort. - Help to do it myself! - (Montessori) would be the motto for this approach which would help i.e. female developers in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other similar regions to reach out to the world with they brilliant skills. And it would unite the world a bit more again.