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Survey Module : Manage survey CSS classes ?

Yassine TEIMI
- 11/10/2015 11:29:00

I created a survey, with matrix type question. The matrix columns have the same size, I want to give a column a size smaller than the others, for example, I want to make these two columns smaller : 

Images intégrées 1

Because they are number field, and taking a lot of space, doesn't allow me to print my survey correctly. 

While inscpecting the code I realized that the classe used for the table is : "table table-hover"

And the class used for all form inputs is : "form-control"

If only I can find those classes, i can make some changes and test, I've been looking for it on the survey module css folder, but with no luck. 

Can you point me to some css classes I can use to make a table column, or an input field smaller ? 

Thanks a lot.



Yassine TEIMI

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