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Re: Indiegogo: Upgrade Odoo Community Edition!

Mr James Alfa
- 11/07/2015 04:20:55

On 7 Nov 2015, at 08:57, Ermin Trevisan wrote:

> Odoo is an
> open source platform, which I believe means that all and every odoo
> module written must be either LGPL or AGPL licensed as they all have to
> use the AGPL licensed kernel to work and that was developed by all those
> fine previous programmers that have written it and released it to the
> world on the basis that the system keeps its open source capability via
> copyleft provisions.

What you call the "kernel" is now licensed under LGPL, not AGPL anymore,
this was a legal prerequisite to create the Enterprise Edition.

See the OCA statement on this:

Interestingly enough, the legal page of Odoo seems not to be updated
yet: and states all Odoo as AGPL.

In the 9.0 modules there is a reference to the license file, but no such
files are included or linked to.

So, from a formal point of view the community edition is still APGL? And
therefore the Enterprise Edition may depend on APGL modules?


the OCA statement you referenced said quite explicitly:

Odoo SA will release the next version of Odoo, version 9, under LGPLv3.

If some of the Odoo website is still showing out of date references to AGPL then they should be made aware of this. My general point was that if anyone uses the Odoo Kernel (whether LGPL or AGPL), which they will have to do if they write an Odoo module, then they have to use a license that plays in an acceptable way with that kernel - so that means choosing LGPL or AGPL (I don't believe that other licenses play in an acceptable way, but would be happy to be corrected) and not any proprietary license that they would like to use. 

Thus statements on paid-for community modules like 'you cannot distribute this, you can only use on one machine, etc etc', if they are made, are incorrect, are unenforceable and are either made out of ignorance or out of a desire to deceive and unfairly restrict the purchaser of the module. 

Obviously if distribution is allowed then that does not oblige the module developer to state 'you can copy this for free to anyone you like, including those who might attempt to profit from the work of others without making any attempt to add improved code or documentation, go on please pirate this code in as many ways as you can because obviously 30 euros is much too much to charge for something that took 100 many years to create'   but equally they should not be allowed to imply that they have the legal right to prevent distribution if they do not have such a right. Odoo SA should also be made aware of any examples of such overstating of developers rights.

Happy to be corrected on any point.

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