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Re: Indiegogo: Upgrade Odoo Community Edition!

Mr James Alfa
- 11/07/2015 01:14:16

thanks for the response - I would like to insert a few followup questions in the text. Unfortunately a lot of these discussions about the implications go rapidly to philosophical arguments about perceived motivations, of Odoo, of 3rd party developers, of capitalism etc. 

For people who want to know what can and cant be done with Odoo code it is virtually impossible to work out from all this confusion what is possible. If I list some typical scenarios it may clarify the situation

1) A programmer is considering writing some code and putting it on the Odoo Apps store. They would like to know if they can state 'you can only install this on one instance of Odoo'
2) A designer is considering developing a theme. They would like to know if they can buy an existing LGPL theme, modify it and then sell the resultant theme on the Odoo Apps store (or perhaps elsewhere)
3) A hosting company is considering offering a hosted version of Odoo and would like to bundle Odoo with (some AGPL + some LGPL) modules. They would like to know if they need to pay only once for each LGPL module or whether they have to pay 100 times, if they have 100 customers who host odoo instances with them
4) An end user is considering installing Odoo within their organisation, including hosting an external website for their customers. They have read about the requirements of AGPL and wonder what they have to do to satisfy the requirement that all visitors to their external website must be able to have a copy of the source code that their website is 'using' - they want to know if they are going to be in a position of being forced to spell out exactly to their competitors how they have created such a nice looking website - eg do they have to explain exactly which of the 6431 apps on the Odoo Apps store they are using, can they remove the 'made in odoo' message at the bottom of each webpage, etc etc.

These are all reasonable questions posed by different people coming to the Odoo platform for the first time. If we can clearly answer questions like these it will make it less likely that they will walk away in confusion.



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On Sat, Nov 7, 2015 at 4:13 AM, James Fox <> wrote:
Correct it IS permitted to do that. Admittedly the original developers of the module would not be so happy, but they cannot stop you.

"Correct it IS permitted to do that. Admittedly the original developers of the module would not be so happy, but they cannot stop you."

James I would be very careful with that. The GPL licenses say very clear that license changes can ONLY take place if ALL people who ever contributed to this code agree with a license change. In other words it has to be AGPL and if it has to be AGPL it can be simply copied and rereleased as Free like free beer with Free like Freedom in mind to everybody in the community!

I guess after the THEME indiegogo campaign we should better invest in the Free Mind instead of contributing to people who are nothing else than money collectors!

Of course there is nothing wrong with the Odoo ecosystem having many distribution channels. We're not talking about Apple here !  Odoo is an open source platform, which I believe means that all and every odoo module written must be either LGPL or AGPL licensed as they all have to use the AGPL licensed kernel to work and that was developed by all those fine previous programmers that have written it and released it to the world on the basis that the system keeps its open source capability via copyleft provisions. The introduction of LGPL does not suddenly transfer microsoft style licensing rights to module developers  - i.e. you may only use this on one machine, you may not see the source code and you certainly cannot modify it,

The FSF actually does not encourage people to use LGPL because of that!!! So the general question is why ODOO was not following that advice. In times where more and more business and non developers take over the actual development companies the developer himself is only a dummy used by the dollar eyed MBAs which never were able to read even code.

Some developers got infected and blinded by that mentality too unfortunately and the development slowed down because everybody had to wait until the money had been risen. It is some kind of lottery IMHO. Before starting something make a nice proposal, a nice video, a nice talk and perhaps present even nice faces and than offer support (well who needs support) a t-shirt (well haven't you got already many?) a first release of a certain number of something i.e. templates (well if they get delivered - read the comments to the ODOO Theme indiegogo campaign which was a great monetary success for the initiators but a disaster for those who are still waiting for delivery of what has been promised and all those delivered templates not even work in Version 9 ;-) - This could be concept. Perhaps we should start another campaign to raise money for Templates which than will work in version 9!

I suggest to simply NOT think of money at first place and instead get things done in a community approach, in a sprint approach and forget about all those campaigns. Everybody could win if everybody would be able to contribute with ideas, code, time, tutorials, videas etc which than will make ODOO even much better.

ODOO should have known better and especially those who followed up ODOO licensing shifts. With every license change ODOO is falling apart and developers will leave and fork. Some of them are successful, some not, but guess how much better it would be to keep all those people in the same boat, on the same track, for the same goal - and the best way doing that is leaving actually everything in AGPL v.3 and even change back all LGPL v.3 stuff back to AGPL v.3 -  because have a look to the graphics which already had been published on the sides where it gets explained why they start using LGPL.

The reason will be very clear if you open your eyes and mind.

It will be more and more code which will be released ONLY as proprietary code and code which will ONLY run if you also purchased the proprietary parts. These proprietary parts already appear in the ODOO world and those indiegogo campaigns are only a start of it to make people believe they could earn money with doing campaigns instead of start getting things done in real contribution of code which is released under GPL v.3 or AGPL v.3

In Italy a code sprint will take place and here already more than only me have asked what all those new complete new renewed modules which are on the ODOO roadmap will have for a license. Until now we have no answer to that very important question!

Check out the following THREADS: 

- OCA Sprint proposal
- Plagiarism in the Odoo App Store
- [8.0] Odoo 8 responsive theme fundrinsing

and there are probably more which are all about the same issues 


fortunately people started to read behind the lines and questioning more and more about what is going on.

We all have customers and they trust us - they usually don't trust Odoo, but they believe as long as we trust Odoo they will be in good hands. All those customers are getting more and more nervous and even worse they are getting more and more sceptical about what is the HIDDEN roadmap of ODOO. Things we probably all don't know! What is the final goal of all those license changes?

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