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Re: Indiegogo: Upgrade Odoo Community Edition!

Mr James Alfa
- 11/06/2015 08:07:21
Dear 8cells,

your recent published indiegogo campaign looks interesting but I am confused by one thing in your description:

What license will these developments fall under?

Every green components will be released in open source (AGPL).

Every full module will have Odoo Apps Store license:
Once you purchase a license for a module, you can use it on as many sites as you like, but you're not allowed to distribute it! 

It is my understanding that with AGPL license it is permitted to redistribute the theme or module. It is also permitted to modify and redistribute the module, and to even charge for it, as long as the original copyright and license stated is preserved, and that specificallly for AGPL licenses anyone who even visits a website running in odoo is a 'user' and can therefore ask to have the full code of the theme or module in use.

Specifically LGPL removes the last obligation on the store owner to their website visitors, but even if you changed the module license to LGPL it would still be possible for anyone to redistribute and to charge others for the redistributed module. 

You may say that this is unfair because you did all the original work - this maybe so, but also maybe it took a lot of fixing to get the code to work properly, or with new standards. Regardless of the arguments about what is fair and what is not this is an open source license and you need to permit what the licenses say is permitted.

Let me/us all know if there is any fault in the reasoning outlined here.


James Fox

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Best regards,
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