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Visible discount

FACTOR LIBRE SL, Carlos Liébana Anero
- 11/06/2015 05:03:38

We have a customer that operates a B2B and B2C business. We have defined the B2C base sale price as the price of the product, but we've found that always this price is the initial price taken in account as origin of the discount. In this context, with the module visible_discount installed, we initially have:

Pricelist - Price
B2C Price - 100 €
B2B Price - 50 €

The B2B pricelist is defined based on cost price, and we expected to be applied in the sale order line with 0% discount. But 50% discount is applied.

Now, if we introduce a new B2B pricelist based in other pricelist, in this case the B2B original one:

Pricelist - Price
B2C Price - 100 €
B2B Price - 50 €
B2B Sale Price - 45 €

When applied, we were expecting a 10 % discount from the original 50 €, but we have a 55% discount from the B2C Price.

Has anyone faced (and hopefully fixed/developped) this? I think the visible discount module has to be rewritten to take in account the "Based on" value of the pricelist line.

Thanks in advance.


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