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Re: Variant and attributs

walid redwan
- 11/05/2015 12:46:20

Thanks for your response
But Dears,
I think we must have accessibility to remove or / and add attribute to product variant separately according to my business need.
It does make more sense

On 05/11/2015 7:38 pm, <Pedro> wrote:
Take a look to and and its derivatives ended in *_types, that allow to not create all variants except when you have confirmed the sale/purchase order, and with the *_types module, you can set an attribute as optional, so when you confirm a sale/purchase order without selecting a value for that attribute, the product variant is created without that.


2015-11-05 18:28 GMT+01:00 Walid Redwan <>:

When I create new template with 3 attributes. each one has 3 values,  that means 27 variants will be created , each variant must has 3 attributes,
What can I do to make one these variants has two attributes not three

On 05/11/2015 6:34 pm, "Martin Trigaux" <> wrote:
On 05/11/15 17:07, Walid Redwan wrote:
> I need to modify the relation between variant and it's
> attributes(readonly *attribute_value_ids*), because i believe that we
> must be able to remove any one which is selected by product template
> and not needed for this variant.

I am not sure to understand either but let's make a lucky guess:

In Odoo the variants are automatically generated based on the attributes 
and their values.

If you have 2 attributes (e.g. color and size) with two values (color: 
black&white, size:small&big), you will end up with 4 variants. If you 
add or delete more attributes later, the number of variants will adapt.
As you may not want to sell all product variants, you can configure them 
to adapt the visibility or the active field.

So in Odoo the variants are directly linked to the attributes and I am 
not sure what you are trying to achieve but I wouldn't advise you to try 
to bypass that.

But if you explain your use case, maybe we can find a better solution.


Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)

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