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Re: OCA Sprint proposal

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 11/05/2015 11:34:05

1. Native mobile apps for all apps: Does it mean one app for accounting, one for CRM, one for Sales or ONE app that will work with all Odoo apps with Off-line mode?

It will be an hybrid app (the HTML responsive version bundled in a native container to limit RPC calls, no login required, ...)
2. Are you going to rewrite Slack or just implement the functionality? Do you also plan an integration with Slack for people that are already using Slack?
3. What about Toggle? Many Slack users are also Toggle users.

Odoo 9 already have nearly all features of slacks: channels, @mentions, read, same usability, ... The main missing feature is the integration with external software (twitter, github, ...) that we are working on. It already integrate with projects, opportunities, ...

Odoo already has all the features of toggle ,so I don't understand the question? (see awesome timesheet, our new mobile and chrome app) It's bad to interface with external software when everything is already integrated.