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Re: Plagiarism in the Odoo App Store

Nhomar Hernandez
- 11/05/2015 11:29:42

2015-11-04 23:37 GMT-05:00 Andreas Becker <>:
Dear Nhomar if you don't like those principals than you are free to choose another business model than the one of Free Open Source Software!

Plagarism is something very different! 

@andrea becker

<sarcasm>Yes I will </sarcasm>.

When you put your work of more of 3 years freely available ( and set another bunch of work mantainable investing all a team on that to be sure everything runs perfect ( then you can invite people to do that.

My point is not related to ilegal or not ilegal (i.e: it is legal smoke matijuana in some countries it does not mean you MUST decide be addict, and it does not mean If you do it you are 'the good guy of the block' or you should move to another country if you live there, or that I will make my business around that simply because it is "legal").

My point is As community we should help people which try some hard business models selling their modules not allowing other people copying simply and republishing "just because they say thet have they have good intentions", the same for books, papers, campaigns and so on.

I am talking about communitary stuff not legal bored stuff (that's one of the reason all pure FSF software complaiant simply do not advance) I am talking about specific cumunitary work.

If somebody decide sell 1 module for 1000 but give me access to the source code under *gpl.. and then because I am "good intentioned" I republish in 200 then, even if I am legally allowed to do that I am failing in 2 stuff:

1.- Plagiarism (even if legal) because I will delete publically (even if not from the code) their authorship.
2.- Stupidity: why not simply hire some hours to the author if the work was well done? (that's what we are trying to do with Odoo).

Tipical: "The Free sofware is free just until other's money runs out... If I need put my money there then... let's think and find another model because I am 'good willing' :-s" << fail

NOTE: may be I misunderstood your example and/or you misunderstood my point but I hope it clarify my specific vision.
NOTE2: I am clear every case ned to be understood case by case, there are cases where there is not other option than the fork and the republished work, but this is not the "generic" case I am talking about, that's why the **gpl exists and you are right in all legal stuf you mentioned.
NOTE3: Thanks for bring all the clarification here and your time expended answering.

Saludos Cordiales

CEO at Vauxoo Odoo's Gold Partner.
Nhomar Hernandez