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Re: Plagiarism in the Odoo App Store

Nhomar Hernandez
- 11/04/2015 21:07:27

2015-11-04 20:52 GMT-05:00 Andreas Becker <>:

In addition to that it is also not a violation if somebody publishes AGPL v.3 / LGPL v.3 or GPL v.3 Licensed Modules, Templates etc. which have been sold or offered in a shop for even lots of money, again for free with free access for everybody with even no changes to the software at all! This could be quite useful i.e. if someone wants to get the open source community involved again in further developing those softwares, but does not have his own resources to do that, nor the financial resources to do that. Also it is usually useful in doing that if you want to speed up development and further improvements! Especially useful now as Version 9 just came out and it would be very useful to get things done and to convert Themes and Modules from Version 8 to Version 9. If those are offered for high prices before you can start adjusting the code this will take much much longer times - or it will be done behind hidden doors and republished much later than it would be useful for all in the community.

What you describe in this paragraph is the definition of plagiarism.

IF you do not have the money, the resources, the time and only pure "willing" then to comply the willing the first trhee most be present.

IF the developer decided put something privative he/she is free to do that and he must be protected/supported byt everybody as much as we protect the freely available ones.

IF you want something freely available publishing something which was done with privative intentions is not legal, you should do your version by yourself.


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