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Re: POS Printer problem

Mario Arias Badila
- 11/04/2015 11:58:46

Hi Alaney,

By default PosBox uses endpoint x01 when opening the printer.

We had one case with Bematech printers that use endpoint x02, and triggered that error.

You need to fix the structure in to include endpoint information,  or simply do a dirty fix modifying default out_ep on definition for usb "_init_"  on


El 4/11/2015 3:57, "Alaney Kilson Dória" <> escribió:

Hi All,

Does anyone know the the solution for error " ValueError: Invalid endpoint address 0x1 on " on POS Box with printer? I'm trying to get a printer to work but I'm getting this error.

Best regards.

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