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Re: Plagiarism in the Odoo App Store

Luke Branch
- 11/04/2015 05:11:05

Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback everyone.

I do not want or plan to publicly name anyone, as I don't think vigilante justice is the way to resolve any issue.

I will first approach the developers directly in my case to try to resolve the matter directly. If this fails I will bring it to Odoo SA directly through private channels.

I understand completely the copyleft features of AGPL-3, and am completely on board with this, what I'm not ok with is people taking AGPL modules, re-licensing them as they see fit and charging for them.

It would be really great to see some sort of reporting/flagging function in the App Store though. Perhaps something along the lines of facebook's reporting mechanism, where a report can be submitted with proof, without the need for Odoo SA to respond directly unless they feel the need to get involved, as I understand Odoo does not want to open endless discussions about every dispute with real or imagined Infringements.

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On 4 Nov 2015, at 5:41 PM, Martin Trigaux <> wrote:

On 04/11/15 03:22, Gunnar Wagner wrote:
> wouldn't it be 'community style' to publish such infringements on this
> list as well (I mean in addition to contacting the 'authorities" via
> So the community can deal with it as well? I'd also like to know what
> are the consequences for such a deed from S.A.'s & Community side?

I don't like public shaming and only complaining on channel x without 
actually getting in touch with us is not so constructive[1]. Of course, 
if you have checked with us first, you can tell others about it but I 
really prefer if you do so once the situation is resolved. I don't want 
either to keep a "wall of shame" of apps or sending "we have taken down 
app X because Y" on mailing list (I am wondering, do you have example of 
companies doing so ?).

I tend to think (but maybe I am living in a butterfly world) that people 
are usually not ill intended.
In a previous case of somebody, republishing as closed source a 
derivates of an AGPL app, the devs did not understood the implications 
of AGPL. They were surprised by the complains and did not know they were 
not allowed to do so. So after explanations of the meaning of the 
licenses, the situation got resolved.
Of course this is bad to consider open source as a "I do what I want, 
take everything, give nothing back" (and I didn't think we would need to 
explain that, but apparently we do) but I also think we can give second 
chance to devs.

Then, if we notice several infringements by the same companies, we can 
take actions but it's not the case yet.

By the way, we have received only 2 complains (targeting different 
authors) so far. I don't think we can draw conclusions on plagiarism 
with that (or the others complains did not reached us).

Also, just a reminder, reselling a derivates of a AGPL module *is* 
allowed, closing its source or changing the license is not!



Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)

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