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Re: docker: must longpolling_port be accessible from outside

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 11/04/2015 00:56:51
Hi Robert,

If you just want odoo web page you're fine with exposing only 8069.
If you need longpolling, then also expose 8072. longpolling is AFAIK used by the live chat. But my knowledge is shallow here. See also:

So: docker run ... -p 80:8069 ... to have odoo on standard http port.

I'm curious: you said "multiple". If you refer to an odoo and a db container, you're all set. If you try to attempt to load balance requests to different odoo containers to share the workload, you need to solve two more problems of the stateful odoo application: filestore (solution by ccomb: and session, as both are stored in the local filesystem and therefore stateful to a specific container unless solved otherwise...

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2015-11-02 14:12 GMT-05:00 Gérald Godonou-Dossou <>:

robert rottermann

8069 is the default port on odoo. but if you use a docker you can specifie your port. 
i think you have to configure it first

2015-11-01 15:03 GMT+01:00 moy lop <>:

You are right!
My bad.

Default port is 8069
But you can review your configuration file of odoo or command executed with "ps aux"

El 01/11/2015 08:47 a.m., "Leonardo Rochael Almeida" <> escribió:
Hi Moy Lop,

What Robert means is to ask which ports Odoo needs to be accessible from outside the docker for proper functioning of Odoo.

It was not a Docker question, so the Docker documentation doesn't help with Robert's question.



On 1 November 2015 at 11:42, moy lop <> wrote:

You could review official documentation:
Please, search -p option or execute "docker run --help"

El 01/11/2015 07:22 a.m., "robert rottermann" <> escribió:
Hi there,

I am setting up multiple docker containers to run odoo inside.

Now I wonder what ports must be accessible from outside.
I *assume* it is only 8069.

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